Knowledge of food additives phosphate

In the production process of the meat product industry, in order to make the product form complete, good color, tender quality, and shiny surface, some phosphate work quality modifiers are often incorporated. It can increase the water retention performance of meat, improve the freshness and cohesiveness of meat products, and increase the yield.
Sodium pyrophosphate: the highest dosage is 1g / kg. Sodium tripolyphosphate: The maximum dosage should be controlled within 2g / kg. Sodium hexametaphosphate: It can retain water and promote protein coagulation. The maximum dosage is 1g / kg.
Various phosphates can be used alone, or several phosphates can be used in different proportions to form a composite phosphate. The effect is better than that of a single phosphate. The general dosage is 0.4 ~ 0.5%.
Phosphate and polyphosphate are important appendages in the salting stage, and their functions are as follows:
1. Dissolve and extract the protein in the muscle to increase its water retention capacity.
2. Buffer and control the pH value. Phosphate can reduce the acidity of meat.
3. Occupation deactivates metal cations.
4. Enhance the emulsifying power of muscle protein in the manufacture of foreign sausages.
5. Moisture retention, acidity adjustment, emulsifier, stabilizer and chelating agent, etc.

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