Molecular formula: H3PO4

Molecular weight: 97.99

Content: 75%, 81%, 85%.

Properties: colorless and transparent viscous liquid. It is odorless, has a sour taste, and has a melting point of 42.35 ℃. It is easily soluble in water and soluble in ethanol.

Uses: Used as a sour agent and yeast nutrient. It can be used as a sour agent for seasonings, canned foods, and refreshing beverages. It is used as a source of yeast nutrients during brewing to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Packing: Packed in polyethylene plastic drums, net weight 35kg, 330kg, or IBC drums, net weight 1650kg.

No. Items of Analysis Unit National Standard GB 1886.15-2015
1 Color Apha ≤20
2 (H3PO4 % ≥75.0 / 81.0 / 85.0
3 Arsenic(As) % ≤0.00005
4 Heavy metal(Pb) % ≤0.0005
5 Fluorine(F) % ≤0.0010
6 Oxide(H3PO3 % ≤0.0120